1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that keeps track of information about a visit. This file is stored by your internet browser on the hard drive of your computer, smartphone or tablet. There are different cookies, each of which has its own end goal. There are cookies that store your actions and preferences on the website, these are the functional cookies. In addition, there are cookies for analytical purposes. These cookies pass on statistics about the webshop to the company. Finally, there are marketing cookies, these cookies collect information from visitors for marketing purposes and can be shared with third parties. We need permission from visitors to place these cookies.


2 How do cookies work?

When you visit one of our web shops, the server sends a cookie to your browser. The cookie is then stored by your browser on your computer. Various data is stored in these cookies that are necessary to optimize the website for user-friendliness. When you leave the website, this information is sent to the server of Cinnamoni & Co.. Cookies placed by third parties are sent to the servers of the parties.


2.1 First party cookies

Cookies you get for the same domain you visit are called first-party cookies. When viewing this page, the cookies from our websites are therefore first-party cookies. The visitor profiles that our webshop draws up will never be shared with third parties and are only used to improve the quality and relevance of our website.


2.2 Third party cookies

Third-party cookies are placed on our web shops by third parties for marketing purposes. These cookies follow the visitor and build a profile of the information they receive from the webshop. Based on this profile, third parties can address the users with marketing communications on other websites.


3 Are cookies harmful?

No, the cookies we use are harmless. Cookies are used by the majority of all websites around the world.


4 What are the cookies used for on our web shops?

The cookies on Cinnamoni & Co. are used for the analysis and functioning of the webshop. This data is used to improve and optimize the webshop. This allows us to make the Cinnamoni & Co. webshop as good as possible for the visitors. The information in a cookie is used for Google Analytics (statistics). Cookies also ensure that the products in your shopping cart are remembered.

5 Which cookies do we place?

6. How to adjust cookie setting in various browsers?


7. More information about cookies: